How Many BTS Members Have Piercings?

  • Nearly every member of the K-pop sensation group BTS have piercings.
  • Some even have multiple piercings, including Jimin, Jungkook, V, and Jin.
  • There is only one BTS member with none (yet).

The members of BTS may not have a lot of tattoos, but that’s not the case with piercings. Among the whole band, there are a few dozen piercings, and nearly ever single member has at least one. (We’ll tell you later who doesn’t have any.) But let’s be real — a piercing is much easier to commit to than a tattoo, so we can understand why there are way more piercings to be had here.

Every time BTS steps out at an event, a performance, or on a red carpet, they’re dressed to the nines — and that includes their accessories. Hoops and dangly earrings are a must for these men to look smooth like butter, and we’re here for all of it. ARMYs keep a close watch on how many piercings each member has, especially when something major happens, like when Jungkook pierced his eyebrow (and then took it out). While there are some piercings that we haven’t confirmed (but hope exist), there are a lot that we do know about, as well as stories behind them.

Ahead, check out all of BTS’s piercings that we know of and see the estimated count we have for all of them. Some have closed up, but we have a pretty accurate guess.

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