How Jennifer Aniston Gets a Perfect Blowout in 3 Easy Steps

Will there ever be a day when we’re not all totally obsessed with Jennifer Aniston’s hair? If you’re a millennial, our Jen was one of the poster girls for feathered haircuts (the modern “Rachel” was trending just last year), as well as beachy, sun-kissed color. Over all these years, Aniston has been working with her longtime hairstylist, Chris McMillan.

Taking to Instagram to reveal the secrets to Aniston’s trademark hair, McMillan posted a black-and-white throwback of Aniston smiling as she sat in the glam chair pre-event. “Love a good blowout,” he wrote. “Full but straight.” Then, delivering the information we’ve all been waiting for, McMillan detailed how he achieves the perfect blowout for Jen.

Step 1: Section out the hair

“I take one and a half sections, starting at the nape, and blowout from towel-dried, freshly-shampooed hair,” he wrote. He doesn’t use any product in the hair to ensure the blow-dry lasts, but will re-wet the hair if required, using a water bottle.

Step 2: Use the nozzle

Naming Ibiza Hair Tools’s round bristle brushes as a hair tool that “always delivers,” his advice is to keep the blow-drying element simple and make sure to direct the nozzle down the hair shaft for a sleek finish.

Step 3: Boost roots

“The key is to really lift and dry the roots,” he adds, which explains why Aniston’s hair is always effortlessly voluminous. Not too much, just the right amount.

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