How Eddie Redmayne Became This Awards Season’s Breakout Style Star

A highlight was the sleek black Alexander McQueen jumpsuit that Redmayne wore to this year’s BAFTAs. “It was very classic and elegant, but the fact that it was a jumpsuit with no shirt underneath was really fun,” says Lambert. He also loved the Maison Margiela couture suit that Redmayne wore to the New York premiere of The Good Nurse—“it fit him to perfection,” says Lambert—and the embellished, sheer red Gucci top that Redmayne wore to the GQ Man of the Year Awards.  “To be honest, I wasn’t sure if it was gonna suit him—it was quite an out-there look,” says Lambert. “But he put it on, and it just looked perfect.”

The pair agreed that tailoring and fit were crucial to anchor the experimental outfits. “We always had one, two, or sometimes three fittings to make sure the look is great,” Lambert says. The Saint Laurent ensemble, for instance, was fitted a few times and then altered. The pair also always added a timepiece. “We always do one of his Omega watches,” says Lambert (Redmayne is a face of the brand). “At the beginning of awards season, they gave us an amazing selection of watches.”

In Margiela couture

Photo: Getty Images

Sadly, the actor won’t be in attendance at the Oscars the Sunday, but that doesn’t mean the duo’s streak is over. “What we’ve really learned over the last six months is that Eddie can wear great clothes,” says Lambert.  “We wanted to show that Eddie will take a risk, looks good taking a risk as well, and really has the ability to own a look.”

Below, more of Redmayne’s best awards season looks.

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