How Artist Nitin Baranwal Found Themself Through Modeling

There’s a changing of the guard in fashion and culture. Gen Z creators are pushing the conversation forward in ways both awe-inspiring and audacious. Our latest project, Youthquake, invites you to discover how these artists, musicians, actors, designers, and models are radically reimagining the future.

For artist Nitin Baranwal, modeling and self-exploration go hand in hand. They’d been working as an interior designer when the idea of modeling began to sound appealing. Through being in front of the camera, Nitin’s own appearance suddenly became a focal point of their identity, and they discovered that androgyny and gender blurring suited them. The profession allowed Nitin to dive into their queerness. “Exploring myself [through modeling], that was the time when I came out to myself—to say that, ‘Okay, this is me,’” they say.

This past year alone, Nitin saw the beginning of an amazing modeling career. Most recently, they were one of the cover stars of Harper’s Bazaar India’s Fantasy Issue, modeling clothes from Gucci’s Aria collection (and yes, the Tom Ford-era red suit). They’ve also been seen in GQ India and Paper magazine. But this was never part of the original plan.

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