How Alyssa Limperis Hopes Her Comedy Inspires People Dealing With Loss

Comedy can be healing in more ways than one.

Alyssa Limperis is bringing the laughs in her new Peacock comedy special No Bad Days, which premieres August 12. But the comedian hopes the special’s subject matter—the death of her father—will inspire viewers going through their own experiences with loss.

“The best part of any show is having someone come up to me and just sharing their experience with me,” she exclusively told E! News. “I think giving people permission to be okay with whatever their experience looks like on grief, to me, is what I hope people come out of it with.”

Writing the special—which she began working on after her father died of brain cancer in 2015—helped Limperis release pent-up emotions, as she told E! News, “I have to share what I just went through and that’s where the show began from. So, it was really cathartic in that sense.”

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