How Air Max Became The Backbone Of Nike For 35 Years

After its inception in 2014, Air Max Day has quickly transformed into a universally celebrated holiday in the sneaker community, and while it may have started as a fun marketing campaign by Nike. it’s since become a significant time of the year for the brand. The reinvigoration of Air Max has opened opportunities for the brand to drop fresh new products particularly in their running classics range, but did you know that Air Max is not limited to that sport?
Technically speaking, Air Max refers to any Nike shoe that not only utilizes Air cushioning, but visibly displays it on the midsole. While Air itself was introduced by Nike in the late 1970s, the first Air Max shoe didn’t land until 1987 with they Air Max 1. Nike has since expanded Air Max technology as the core of its performance aspirations, with a wide range of sports and athletic concentrations focusing on what we affectionately call the “bubble”.
While running is certainly at the forefront of Air Max, Nike has also brought it to their Cross-Training and Basketball line. In fact, some of the most famous Air Max shoes in history are from those specific categories. As a celebration of Air Max Day, we present to you a full roster of these classics, all of which can be yours on eBay where all purchases $100 and above are protected by Authenticity Guarantee.

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