Here’s a Bone-Chilling Psytrance Remix of the “Wednesday” Theme Song –

Spooky, kooky and groovy—there’s a new remix of the theme song from Netflix’s runaway hit Wednesday for all fans of the macabre.

It’s only fitting that the ethos of the iconic goth family—who are anything but average—receives a whimsical remix, and Flawx has delivered in spades. Thrashing along at a brisk 150 BPM, his psytrance-inspired take on the Wednesday theme doubles as a heart-pumping adrenaline rush to animate the most diehard fans of hard dance music.

Many have likened the spine-tingling series’ theme to a compositional mashup of The Rolling Stones’ “Paint It Black” and the original theme music from The Addams Family. Flawx expertly intertwines the entangled melodies into the fabric of a high-energy electronic music framework with stomping kicks, distorted basslines and frenetic synths.

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