Herbs for Relaxation Is the Label Meant to Calm You Down

Herbs for Relaxation’s designs are as soothing as its name. A pinstriped men’s oversized button-down boasts a charming painting of poppy flowers on the pocket with the phrase “California Poppy” ever-so-delicately written out. In another instance, a pale brown blazer is hand-illustrated with a kaleidoscope of mushrooms—enoki, muscaria, chanterelle, and more—and the trippy bold text “All Mushrooms Are Magic”. A pair of vintage white jeans and a matching jacket have patches of handpainted flowers.

The label is created by Sue Williamson, who has seen plenty of brands in her lifetime. A former editor at Teen Vogue and W, she has been inundated with fashion launches. Though she had always wanted to create her own, she didn’t take the dive until this past February. “I didn’t want to make waste,” says Williamson. “I’m so sick of people throwing clothes away.”

Photo: Courtesy of Emmysu

Williamson started making clothing when she was a child growing up in a rural town in Tennessee, so remote that she “had to go to school an hour away, behind horses”. As a child, she’d watch television (“it only had 10 channels”), see a piece of clothing, and travel to the closest store–a Walmart–to recreate it. When Williamson started having health issues, she revisited her childhood hobby of painting, this time specifically flora, fauna, and herbs. Eventually, she ran out of canvas and started to use vintage clothes from her own collection instead. She came across the name “herbs for relaxation” in an antique sketch, and from there, she launched her label. Everything sold out the same day.

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