Henry Winkler Breaks the Curse of Stardom : entertainment

Henry winkler story. i was a 12 year old boy in NYC. Im a HUGE Fonz fan. Fonz poster, Fonz lunchbox, Fonz t-shirt, etc. Block party on West 90th street and who do I see walking but Henry Winkler. I run up and say, “Please Mr. Winkler, can I have an autograph?”. He, still walking, turns quickly to me and snarls, “GET AWAY!” and keeps on walking. I stood there stunned. A nice woman who was with him stops and asks for my address. I go home and take down that Fonz poster and tell my mom I dont want the t-shirt anymore. 2 weeks later a signed 8×10 of The Fonz shows up in the mail. I looked at that glossy for a long time before I tore it up and threw it away. 100% true.

i’m an adult now and get people have bad days. I know people who have worked with him and they say he is a fantastic human being. But 12 year old me will never forget.

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