God’s Hate Frontman Brody King Wrestles His First Match In AEW: Watch

In 2014, when the blindingly heavy Van Nuys metallic hardcore band God’s Hate released their debut EP Divine Injustice, their hulking frontman Brody King hadn’t yet become a professional wrestler, though he was already a Southern California moshpit legend. King made his wrestling debut a year later, and he’s made a name for himself on the independent scene over the years. For the past three years, King has been wrestling for Ring Of Honor, and his wrestling career has been busy enough that God’s Hate went years without releasing anything. Last year, when the pandemic opened up a scheduling hole, God’s Hate came back with their self-titled sophomore LP, one of my favorite hardcore albums of 2021. And now, King’s wrestling career has hit a whole new level. He’s All Elite.

Last week, Brody King made his first appearance in All Elite Wrestling, the relatively new big-deal promotion that’s way, way more fun to watch than WWE. On last week’s episode of AEW Dynamite, the lights went down, and they came back up with King in the middle of the ring. King immediately established an alliance with Malakai Black, a Dutch occultist kickboxer who rules, and the two of them utterly destroyed the Varsity Blonds and Penta El Cero Miedo.

Last night, Brody King wrestled his first match in AEW. King and Malakai Black are now a tag team called the Kings Of The Black Throne. (Malakai Black is mostly a metal guy, and he uses a SubRosa song as his opening theme. But Black also has connections to hardcore. In 2017, when he was NXT Champion and when he called himself Aleister Black, the man made a Barclays Center entrance with Code Orange and Incendiary’s Brendan Garrone playing him to the ring.) On Dynamite last night, the Kings Of The Black Throne made an utterly badass entrance before quickly obliterating the Varsity Blonds. Below, check out that entrance and a quick clip of the match itself.

The Kings Of The Black Throne theme music comes from Colin Young, Brody King’s God’s Hate bandmate. On Twitter, Young says that his brother Taylor, a great heavy music producer who’s also in God’s Hate, mixed the song. The lead guitar comes from Two Minutes To Late Night mastermind Jordan Olds. As a fan of hardcore and pro wrestling, this whole thing pretty much kicks ass.

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