Get 50% Off Blue Light Glasses

You’re obviously reading this story on a screen right now. Maybe it’s on your laptop or smartphone — since you’re here, consider how your eyes are feeling at this moment. Do you feel eye strain? Is it making you a bit tired or headache-y? Are you not sure how much brightness (or dimness) is optimal for your health but also your productivity? Do you ever freak out about all this “black mirror”-esque consumption? Clearly, you’ve arrived here because you’re seeking some kind of eyeball relief — and a pair of blue-light-blocking glasses can certainly alleviate a lot of the tension you’re experiencing. As luck would have it, our friends at Baxter Blue, an Australian maker of blue light eyewear and sunglasses, are offering R29 readers 50% off sitewide with the exclusive promo code REFINERY50 at checkout until April 29, 2022. There are no exclusions and no limitations, so this is your sign to wild out.

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