Flume Leaks Coveted “Greenpeace” ID After 5 Years – EDM.com

To the surprise of many longtime fans, Flume has exhumed a record thought to have been lost forever deep within his archives of unreleased music.

The fervor for the track now known as “Flume X Greenpeace” started from humble roots. Produced as part of Flume’s 2017 collaborative campaign alongside Greenpeace Australia Pacific, the original song was teased only for 90 seconds, but would remain imprinted on the minds of fans for years to come. 

A breezy, lounge-style house record with hypnotic bass and playful vocals, the laid-back track was assumed to have been tabled forever especially after Flume’s subsequent projects, Hi This Is Flume and Palaces, were released with no trace of it.

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