Flavor Flav “Fortunate to Be Alive” After Falling Boulder Accident

You know what time it is? Time to give thanks after one close call. 

On Dec. 14, Flavor Flav was driving from Las Vegas to his home in Los Angeles when a winter storm caused some frightening road conditions. 

E! News can confirm that when the 62-year-old rapper was driving this morning near L.A.’s La Tuna Canyon, a giant boulder suddenly came rolling down a cliffside and landed near the right side of Flav’s vehicle.

In a photo obtained by E! News, serious damage to Flav’s white Audi, which was hauled away by a tow truck, can be seen. According to his manager, had the boulder landed just a few feet from where it did, it could have been a much different story.

“He is very fortunate to be alive and realizes it was an extremely close call,” his manager told E! News. “It was a boulder approximately 5 to 6 feet in diameter.”

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