First Luxury Items Beauty Editors Ever Bought and Still Love

You know how certain things just make you feel more informed about people, like their yearly Spotify Wrapped reveal or their favorite comfort food? In the realm of beauty, the equivalent to that are the luxury products that have stuck in people’s minds for years. When I meet a fellow beauty lover, I love asking them which high-end products have burrowed themselves into their minds and taken hold. 

When I was young, I spent my weekends milling around through Sephora, bee-lining to the luxury face creams and creating a full face with the samples. When I first started being able to buy higher-end beauty products (or beg for them as gifts) I shopped strategically—so much so that the luxury products I was obsessed with at age 16 are still mainstays in my beauty routine. I decided to ask the beauty editors on my team if there were products they felt the same way about, and their answers did not disappoint. Keep reading for the first luxury beauty products we ever purchased and just can’t seem to shake. 

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