Fans React To Plot Hole In Rebel Wilson Movie

WARNING: There are spoilers for Senior Year in this post.

Earlier this month, Netflix released a new movie Senior Year, starring Rebel Wilson as Stephanie, a woman who wakes up from a 20-year coma following an “accident” at a cheerleading performance.

I put “accident” in quotes because it was as far from an accident as it could be — it was full-blown sabotage that the responsible parties inexplicably never face any consequences for.

Did no one else notice the very obvious manner in which the twins on the squad pushed the cheerleader who was supposed to catch Stephanie out of the way, leaving her to unceremoniously fall onto the extremely hard gymnasium floor???

Did the guy who was pushed just not tell anyone? How hard would it have been to say, “Uhh…so the twins totally pushed me out of the way right before I was supposed to catch Stephanie…”

I mean, there’s a video of what happened — which Stephanie herself watches after she wakes up — and yet, at no point do we hear anything about Tiffany and her co-conspirators receiving any sort of punishment.


Like sure, a couple other cheerleaders are blocking the push, but you can still basically see it. You’d think they’d AT LEAST get in-school suspension.

To be fair, we don’t know exactly what Tiffany says to the twins before the performance, and considering what appears to be a genuine look of horror on her face as Stephanie sails toward the hardwood floor, it seems fair to say she didn’t plan for her rival to be hurt beyond maybe a busted limb.

But if she feels any regret or remorse, she hides it extremely well. When she meets Stephanie again as an adult, she immediately tries to gaslight her into thinking she just messed up the stunt. I guess she managed to talk her way out of any blame (again, despite a literal video of what happened).

Plus, even when Tiffany apologizes, she only does it so her daughter will “unblock” her.


She tells Stephanie she’s sorry for “everything” she’s done, acting like she was just a run-of-the-mill bully who didn’t land her rival in the hospital for TWO DECADES.

And what is with Stephanie’s reaction? Instead of losing her shit on Tiff — which would be understandable and relatable — she tells her she’s not the one Tiff should be apologizing to.


Like, excuse me? I know this is just a fluffy comedy, but if someone injured me so badly I ended up spending half my life in a coma, the first thing I would do after coming out of that coma is sue their ass.

Plenty of other people are baffled by this oversight and took to social media to vent.

Okay, senior year on Netflix. It’s not bad, got me laughing and emotional at some point too. Cringing too. I just didn’t like the fact that the attempted murder wasn’t addressed or anything. Lol, Tiffany and the twins should have been in jail.

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