Everything You Need to Know About Foot Botox

Is injecting Botox into your feet safe? Davis says yes, but with a caveat. “As long as it’s not masking pain connected to a bigger issue that needs to be treated, such as a fracture or underlying systemic disease,” she says. “Just as I wouldn’t recommend a podiatrist inject Botox in your face, I wouldn’t recommend seeing a derm for injections in the feet that could be related to an area of expertise only a podiatrist would have,” With that being said, phone a podiatrist for all foot Botox needs. 

If you’re looking for less invasive ways to treat foot pain, there are definitely options available. “In some issues of chronic foot pain, Botox injections might be safer and have less side effects than taking oral steroids or pain medication, for example,” says Davis. We’ve compiled a few at-home remedies for foot pain that are safe to try—keep scrolling for more. If you’re dealing with chronic or intense foot pain, please consult your doctor before trying any at-home remedies. 

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