Euphoria Lexi Play Characters

Alexa, play Oklahoma! (Lexi’s Version).

Season 2 of Euphoria is almost over, and it’s been quite the wild ride! From new relationships to more Emmy-worthy performances from Zendaya, there’s certainly no shortage of drama and angst.

One of the ongoing plots this season has been Lexi writing and putting on a school play about what she knows best: her life. Or, more accurately, everyone else’s life.

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Not only did Lexi write a whole play about her family and friends’ drama, but she also somehow managed to cast actors who look exactly like them. Honestly? I’m impressed.


Tag yourself — I’m Rue.

Here are the side-by-side comparisons between the Euphoria characters and the play’s cast that prove how chaotic this whole thing truly is:

Nate in the play:


…yes, that IS Ethan playing Nate.


And finally, the real cheer squad:

And the cheer squad in the play:

Grab me a seat in the audience because I, for one, am here for this chaos!!!

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