Ethan Hawke Addresses Incredible ‘Moon Knight’ Fan Theories On ‘Tonight Show’

Actor Ethan Hawke on Thursday kinda shot down some fan theories about “Moon Knight” and kinda didn’t. (Watch the video below.)

So maybe there’s a flicker of hope for all the conspiracists looking forward to the new Marvel superhero series on Disney+. (It premieres March 30.)

Hawke, who plays the villain Arthur Harrow to Oscar Issac’s tortured Moon Knight, reacted to three fan theories on “The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon.”

One of them was that the Hulk will appear. “That would be cool, except I know Mark Ruffalo (who has played the Hulk) and I think if we were in the same show, I think he would have at least texted me,” Hawke replied. “So I don’t think that one’s got a lot of legs.”

As for the other two — the last one being a jaw-dropper — Hawke had some fun responses.

Check them out at the 6:05 mark:

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