Enter Wax Motif’s “House of Wax” In Stunning 17-Track Debut Album – EDM.com

Australian DJ and renowned house music producer Wax Motif has unveiled his highly anticipated, 17-track debut album House of Wax.

Out now on his own Divided Souls imprint, House of Wax explores a wide range of genres, showcasing Wax Motif’s inimitable music production talents. Keeping the energy high, his sultry bass house sound is found throughout the album in songs like “Hard Street” (with ALRT and Nessly), “Skank N Flex” (with Scruffizer and Taiki Nulight), and the aptly-titled “Keep Raving.”

Balancing out the album are sun-kissed, chilled-out tracks like “Thank You” (with Kaelyn Behr) and the Tulum-inspired “Koalack.” Wax Motif also gives fans pure, classic house music, by way of cuts like “Come Again” (with Shahay and Scruffizer) and the deep, dark “Divided Souls,” a collab with Diddy.

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