Emily Blunt Talks Perceptions Of Working Moms In Hollywood

Emily Blunt is a working mom who can do it all — and doesn’t want anyone to ever doubt that.

While reflecting on her career, Emily says the gender disparities in the entertainment industry are pretty clear, especially when she compares herself to her husband John Krasinski.

“How much of it is genetic, how much of it is societal, how much of it is historical, how much of it is biological,” Emily said in an interview with Porter.

She then brought up her job as a mother, noting that children often call for their mom in the middle of the night when they need someone.

“That’s symbolic of, like, everything a mother feels when they want to have a career as well as being there and being available,” she said. “And that’s what weighs you down with guilt sometimes.”

On top of the guilt she can sometimes feel as a mom, Emily says that it is usually women whose parenting choices come into question — not men.

“It is interesting that women are still made to feel defensive of their choices to work, and men are not,” Emily explained.

Emily shared that while she was recently working on set, she was often rushing home to be with her kids, and when they weren’t around, people constantly asked where they were.

“When I was on set in Atlanta, which was challenging because I was racing back home every weekend — and then the kids would come to me for five, six days — it was amazing how many people asked where my kids were,” Emily said.

She continued, “I thought, ‘I bet Chris Evans isn’t being asked that question, or Andy Garcia, or Jay Duplass.’ And you just normalize it.”

“But I find myself over-explaining or compensating to appear like, ‘I can still do everything, and I’m still available.’ It’s that awareness of perception, maybe,” Emily admitted.

Overall, Emily is trying to “care less about perception,” especially when it comes to being a mom.

“Because I don’t care about perception when it comes to business. So, why do I care about it when it comes to being a mum?” Emily concluded.

You can read all that Emily had to say here.

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