Emalkay, The Others, & Subscape share massive collab, “Inside My Head” ahead of full EP

Not often lately do you see a collaboration with three absolute legends like Emalkay, The Others, and Subscape. More recently, we’ve been witness to a more common trend of established producers bringing in a newer act and combining their influences. For these three, who have all been active in dubstep for the better part of 15 years, “Inside My Head” was “long overdue.”

“We thought it was a collaboration long overdue,” they said, “so we mashed out some beats together one day and before we knew it we eventually ended up with a huge body of work with this being one of our favourite tracks. We are thrilled to finally have it out there and on the legendary Deadbeats label too! We hope you enjoy it.”

My first time hearing of Subscape was 2012’s “Kick the Flow” on Caspa’s Dub Police label, while you can turn to Emalkay for any number of iconic hits like “Fabrication” or “When I Look At You,” ironically also released on Dub Police. And, wouldn’t you guess it, The Others also got his start on Dub Police, notably releasing “Africa VIP” in 2008, which you might recognize from FabricLive.37 by Caspa and Rusko.

So, when they say this collaboration was long overdue, they mean like 15 years overdue. Fortunately, it does not disappoint in the slightest. Reminiscent of old school dub, from the schools and fandom that made them iconic in the first place, “Inside My Head” is lush with deep bass and wonderful melody, punchy drums, and a memorable vocal that would have any crowd screaming their lungs out.

Finally, and perhaps best of all, the trio have a full collaborative EP coming out in March. Check out the first single, “Inside My Head,” below, out now on Deadbeats.

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