Editorialist’s Luxury Skincare Awards 2022: The Best in Class

Stem cell biologist Dr. Augustins Bader developed a groundbreaking hydrogel (dubbed The Wound Gel) that allowed some burn patients to forgo the need for surgery, skin grafts, and scar revision. Believing that a skincare brand could help fuel his larger scientific work (which involves developing technologies that activate the body’s healing ability), Bader translated this hydrogel formula into what we now know as The Cream. The secret to this moisturizer’s impressive results lies in its patented formula, known as the Trigger Factor Complex 8 (or TFC8), which contains a cocktail of more than 40 powerful ingredients, including natural amino acids, high-grade vitamins, and synthesized molecules. Together, they work to activate stem cells, kickstarting the body’s natural renewal process to help repair fine lines, dark spots, and visible pores. Augustinus Bader’s The Cream is a massive hit among beauty enthusiasts, as well as our senior editor, who says, “My skin’s texture is more even and hydrated. This moisturizer minimizes redness in my face, and I can even use it on days my eczema is acting up (I tried).”

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