Dua Lipa Made Clashing Animal Prints and Metallic Boots Chic

From neon catsuits to micro bikinis, Dua Lipa has more than proven that she can pull anything off. And her latest look, worn by the “Levitating” singer during a recent trip to Tokyo, is no exception. For what appears to be a jam-packed evening full of museum tours, shopping malls, and late-night roaming throughout the city, Lipa chose to combine not one, not two, but three controversial trends into a single outfit (four if you count the wedge heels). Even more shocking, she made what would be normally be a puzzling combination look chic. 

You want specifics, I know. Apparel-wise, Lipa paired a satin, cow-print midi dress with a clashing leopard-print coat, both from Dries Van Noten. To make the loud look even louder—and add a Space-Age vibe to the otherwise jungle-inspired ensemble—she added a pair of wedge-heeled, gold, knee-high boots from Jimmy Choo. Casual? Not at all. Worth copying? Absolutely. 

Below, shop Lipa’s exact outfit, as well as plenty of animal-print options to help you get her same look for far less. 

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