‘Don’t Look Up’ Netflix Movie Cast, Explained

What’s the deal with Don’t Look Up, the movie with Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence and a barrel of other movie stars? Here’s what we know. It’s a dark comedy about two scientists who discover a world-ending comet hurtling toward Earth and for some reason have trouble getting the media and the government to take this global threat seriously—so totally a work of fantastical science fiction and not based on even an ounce of truth. I’m not kidding about the cast either. They really called up the entire A-List. (The trailer for this dropped today, btw. You can watch it above.)

The star power in Don’t Look Up is not all that surprising. The film’s director is Adam McKay, who also famously cast Margot Robbie and Selena Gomez to look pretty and famous while explaining the housing crisis in The Big Short. The biggest talent that Hollywood has to offer wants to work with him. Even the cameos are impressive, but let’s get into the main cast.


Leonardo DiCaprio plays Dr. Randall Mindy

Sometimes Leo’s intensity in these movies concerns me…like, is he okay? But if you go to his IG, all he talks about is the environment and voting rights. So at least you know the intensity is not just an act. Also, raise your hand if you’re excited to see him rock a pair of New Balances in this movie.


Jennifer Lawrence plays Dr. Kate Dibiasky

Remember that weird time where Lawrence would bounce from playing a teenager in a Hunger Games movie to a 40something single mom who works too hard in an Oscar-bait movie four months later, and that repeated for, like, three years in a row? She’s always great, but I’m glad that’s over.


Rob Morgan plays Dr. Clayton “Teddy” Oglethorpe

You know him from fancy movies like Mudbound and The Last Black Man in San Francisco. I know him from all of the Marvel shows on Netflix. We are not the same.


Mark Rylance plays Peter Isherwell

Maybe you know him from Bridge of Spies. Maybe you know him from Ready Player One. He’s one of the most prestigious “that guy”s working in Hollywood.


Jonah Hill plays Jason Orlean

The actor is probably the one most known for comedy in this pumpkin patch of talent. But with two Academy Award nominations under his belt, he fits right in with this crowd.


Tyler Perry plays Jack Bremmer

Just kidding. I take it back. Tyler Perry is the member of the Don’t Look Up cast most known for comedy. Step aside, Beanie Feldstein’s brother.


Timothée Chalamet plays Quentin (or Yule?? TBD)

Where isn’t Timmy C these days, between this and Dune and The French Dispatch and all those Wonka set videos? FYI, there are competing sources for what his character’s name is. Some say Quentin, others say Yule. Either way, we’re into it.


Ariana Grande plays Riley Bina

Ah, the customary pop-star-in-an-Adam McKay-film role has been filled.


Scott Mescudi, aka Kid Cudi plays DJ Chello

Two musicians! This is not Kid Cudi’s first acting role by a long shot, btw. He’s been popping up in film and television since 2012. He even had a recurring arc on Westworld!


Ron Perlman plays Colonel Ben Drask


Cate Blancett plays Brie Evantee


Meryl Streep plays President Janie Orlean

When it comes to over-the-top female politicians, it’s hard to see how this is going to be any better than Selena on Veep, but it’s Meryl so…maybe that’s on me for comparing them!

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