Dominic Fike – “Elliot’s Song” (Feat. Zendaya)

Calling all Euphoria fans: Dominic Fike, who plays Elliot on the much-hyped HBO drama, memorably serenades Zendaya’s Rue with an acoustic song in Season 2’s finale. Now, “Elliot’s Song,” which was written by Zendaya and Euphoria composer Labrinth, is available on streaming services. “We made the song shorter,” Fike joked on Instagram earlier in the week, a tongue-in-cheek acknowledgment of fans creating memes making fun of how long Fike’s song went in last Sunday’s episode. Unlike the show’s song, the latest version features Zendaya on vocals. (In Sunday’s episode, Zendaya is just watching Fike play.)

Last week’s “Enter Euphoria” featurette had Fike and Labrinth talking about the creation of “Elliot’s Song,” which started with a suggestion from show creator Sam Levinson. “Sam [Levinson] just came up to me and was like, ‘Yo, I was thinking, you play the guitar in this and you sing a song,” Fike said.

Labrinth added, “Dominic came in and jumped on the score pieces we were working on and played some guitar, because he’s a great guitarist. The cast is not just acting, they’re part of the music now.”

Listen below.

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