DJ Khaled Receives Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star

DJ Khaled received a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame today in a ceremony attended by previous collaborators Jay-Z, Diddy, and Fat Joe. As Fox 11 Los Angeles points out, Khaled’s star is the 2,719th since the completion of the Walk Of Fame in 1961. Khaled also got an extra-long handshake from Jay-Z to mark the occasion.

Also accompanied by his wife Nicole and their two sons Asahd and Aalam, Khaled said at the ceremony: “I’m not a regular type of person, I’m a different type. There’s only one Khaled… I want my star to represent the light, the love that shines on everyone. God put me on earth to be a light.”

He continued: “The room can be pitch dark and when I walk in it’s bright. When it’s dark I’m the light and when it’s the light I’m a brighter light… So I want everyone to take this star light and know that this is forever and this is for all of us… That’s why I always say we’re the best and scream and keep going because it’s not just me, it’s we.”

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