Dillon Francis Shares First Single From ‘This Mixtape Is Fire TOO’ with ILLENIUM & EVAN GIIA

Seven years ago, Dillon Francis released This Mixtape is Fire. and nothing was ever the same. Featuring collaborations with Calvin Harris, Skrillex, Bro Safari, Kygo, and Chromeo, plus a remix from Party Favor, the 7-track project has had fans begging for a sequel ever since. Now, finally, it’s coming.

“Don’t Let Me Let Go” serves as the first taste of Dillon’s forthcoming This Mixtape Is Fire TOO, yet another long-anticipated collaboration between himself and ILLENIUM and EVAN GIIA.

“Did it take me more than two years to finish this song with Illenium and EVAN GIIA? You’re damn right it did,” says Francis. “Do I think you need to check it out so I can feel a sense of accomplishment in my life, that the two years of late nights and early mornings weren’t for nothing and that I’m worth a damn and that my mom and dad should be proud of me and that my brother needs to get off my back about buying him a new mountain bike because I supposedly broke it but it was already broken even though I don’t have proof? Yes. Please. Thank you.”

Catch Dillon Francis on tour here and check out the new song below!

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