Digital TTRPG Platform Role Announces Its First-Ever Game: ‘CHROME ‘

Role, the social gaming platform, is today announcing the launch of its first-ever original game, CHROME; a free-to-play, multiplayer, horror and cyber-noir role playing game (RPG), with an in-built fully-digital ruleset, quick character creation, and video-centric focus.

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CHROME will be the first original game from Role, a company founded in 2020 by childhood best friends Elle Dwight (CEO) and Ian Hirschfeld (CTO), is experiencing 100% user growth month over month, and received $2.75 million of venture capital financing in 2021 from Konvoy Ventures and London Venture Partners.

Role – Making Video The Next Gaming Frontier

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Role is a free RPG tech platform that provides an immersive, video-centric gameplay experience. Offering all the necessary features to play RPGs online – such as video, camera and microphone functions and in-built gaming mechanics such as dice rolls and character sheets – Role is designed to allow anyone to get role playing as quickly as possible.

Whereas incumbent RPG tech platforms tend to be complex, map-based, and poor for custom content creation, Role was built with accessibility and versatility in mind. Thanks to the user-friendliness of the technology, and how video play is front-and-center of the Role product, within a few minutes any newcomer can start playing and enjoying people-led gaming experiences. 

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Role Game Builder UI

This user-friendliness also makes the platform versatile, allowing for games to be customized or created from scratch effortlessly. With drag and drop creator tools, templates anyone can access and share, and the ability to automate certain processes and game mechanics without writing any code, the Role platform empowers anyone to get playing quickly. The launch of CHROME shows the endless creative potential and customizability within the RPG space specifically.

CHROME – The First Digitally Native Tabletop RPG

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Whereas the majority of online tabletop RPGs are simple PDFs, CHROME is the world’s first fully digitally native, online tabletop RPG designed for video play. Exclusive to the Role platform, CHROME is built for accessible, low-preparation multiplayer gameplay, so any group can, for free, start playing quickly without compromising the freeform creativity of the game, and without the need for any additional physical materials, books, or even PDFs.

Set in ‘New Los Angeles’, in an unknown and fractured future, the CHROME world is offline, as technology has corrupted and distorted reality. Players take on the role of Operators, tech-enhanced mercenaries carrying out deadly jobs for money in the service of a shadow organization called Control.

Role CEO and co-founder, Elle Dwight, comments, “Play is the fundamental human language, and it constantly takes on new forms. Right now, in the modern era, this means social video and content creation with friends. People-driven gaming experiences are more meaningful than ever, and CHROME has people and inclusivity at its very core. We’re so excited to share this new creation with the world.”

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