Davante Adams Slimmed Down Before His Big Breakout

I gotta ask, what’s your go-to protein powder flavor?

My go-to is chocolate with, like, 90 percent of things in general. The first flavor I tried was chocolate. It was already cemented in my mind. I like chocolate ice cream shakes, as well. I definitely live in the chocolate world.

After your morning workout, are you getting fancy with your protein shake? You know, adding in fruits or nuts or anything?

Nah. Like I said, I’ve never really been a big protein guy like that. It’s always been pretty surface level with me. Typically just mixing it with water. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve never really been huge into milk like that, so it’s always been tough for me to add that into the protein shakes. I save that for the milkshakes. Water and powder has been my go-to, and that’s what has been working.

Playing for the Packers, you’re part of a successful franchise that’s typically making playoff runs, so your season usually extends a bit longer than other players. I’m curious, are you the type of guy who likes to shut things down for a bit once a season is over? Just stop thinking about your diet and the workouts for a few weeks?

I was actually having this conversation with somebody earlier today. I used to take, at a minimum, a week and a half to just let my body relax, not do anything. You know, my body has been beat up for the last six months! Car accident after car accident. So why would I just go and beat up more on my body right away? But over the past three or four years, I kind of switched it up. More of, Keep doing something but take it easier than what you were. I don’t like getting back into the groove not having run for almost two weeks. Because when I was chilling, I was chilling. Kicking my feet up and relaxing. And it wasn’t a laziness thing whatsoever. It was more like, you just put your body through hell. But I found now that the recipe for me is to keep the wheels turning to keep everything as fresh as possible. Especially mentally. You don’t realize how much you can do for yourself mentally by keeping workouts the priority rather than laying off a little too much. I really didn’t like how my body was responding to that before.

I was looking at your career stats, and there was one number in particular that really jumped out to me: Your first down receiving stat over the last three seasons. It’s increased from 54 to 73 to 84, which reads to me as a fairly significant jump. And when we’re talking about first downs, often you’re fighting for yardage, those are physical runs. So I’m curious, have you made any adjustments over the last few seasons to ready your body for more of those physical receptions?

Well, I always want to be the guy on every play, but a lot of that is more maturity and discipline. There hasn’t been a whole lot of extra effort put in body-wise to get ready for that. Obviously my quarterback and the type of connection we’ve built up makes it easier. And the plays are more so made so I’m not having to be physical. My coaches do a really good job of making sure they get me into space, regardless of how I’m being played. This year there have been some ridiculous coverages they’ve thrown on me, so finding a way either way has been my mentality and it’s definitely paid off on third downs. I’m just so tapped into winning every single time I have a route out there, and I take every single rep like it’s third down. Every time I go line up and I have a route, whether it’s against zone or man, I’m going to run it one-hundred percent. I’m going to try to make it look like Teach Tape every single time.

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The 315-pound Buccaneers defensive tackle talked to GQ about intermittent fasting, loving kombucha, and working with multiple physical therapists. 

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