Harry Styles Has a New Album—and Even More Wild Style

These days, musicians releasing new music do so not only by putting out a new album, but also entering a new era, one defined by the clothes, colors, and ephemera deployed during the marketing rollout. With style, specifically, an artist’s outfits can speak to the state of mind they were in while making the music—and … Read more

Get An Early Sneak Peek At Marvel’s ‘The Mandalorian’ #1

The saga of Djin Djarin comes to Marvel Comics! Kicking off in July, Star Wars: The Mandalorian will be an eight-issue adaptation of the Disney+ series’ first season, giving fans a chance to relive the events and characters of Season 1 through the lens of writer Rodney Barnes and artist Georges Jeanty! From the thrilling … Read more

Cocktail Attire for Men: Everything You Need to Know the Next Time You’re Served With a Panic-Inducing Invitation

Save for the “doctor is ready now”, do any four words inspire more trepidation—and less excitement—than “cocktail attire for men”? (We’re exaggerating, but only a little.) At some point over the last decade or so, dress codes and the guidelines that informed them started to feel like a framework of the past. But complaining about … Read more

What If…?’ Provides More Of The Same

Spoilers for What If…? Hey y’all, I’m back, and I’ve got another licensed game review for you! You may remember that last year I took a look at the HeroClix set based on Marvel’s recent Empyre event. Well, we’re once again diving into the world of Marvel HeroClix but rather than the comics we’ll be … Read more

La Luz Share New Single ‘Endless Afternoon’

La Luz have today released a new single called ‘Endless Afternoon’. According to the band’s Shana Cleveland, the song is a “California lullaby. The melody for this song came to me while I was hiking in the hills above the Yuba River. About the sweetness found in slow days close to home.” Check it out … Read more

William Blake: The Remarkable Printing Process of the English Poet, Artist & Visionary

Few artists have anticipated, or precipitated, the fragmented, heroically individualist, and purposefully oppositional art of modernity as William Blake, a man to whom the cliché ahead of his time can be applied with perfect accuracy. Blake strenuously opposed the rationalist Deism and Neoclassical artistic values of his contemporaries, not only in principle, but in nearly every … Read more