Craig Robinson Shares Wild Killing It On-Set Reptile Encounter

Craig Robinson certainly had some wild times on the set of Killing It.

The actor and comedian plays a python hunter on his new Peacock comedy series—which premieres April 14—but snakes weren’t the only dangerous reptile Robinson had to deal with while filming in New Orleans.

“We’re filming in the swamp, and apparently, they caught an alligator during filming,” he exclusively told E! News’ Daily Pop hosts Nina Parker and Essence Atkins on April 11. “I didn’t know how close I was to death. That was cool.”

Luckily, everything was under control when it came to the show’s main featured animal: Burmese pythons.

“There’s fake snakes, there’s CGI snakes and there were live snakes, and American Humane Society was present on set whenever we had the live snakes,” he said, joking that the ones he worked with were “loving and adorable.”

Unlike his Killing It character—who begins hunting down the slithery serpents for a chance to win $20,000—Robinson never had to do anything so extreme to make ends meet before he made it to Hollywood.

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