Courtney Barnett Acknowledges Similarity To Other Band’s Video

Courtney Barnett has been in the midst of rolling out her new album Things Take Time, Take Time. Recently, that meant a new video for “Before You Gotta Go.” Apparently, people noticed some significant similarities to an older video, for the Melbourne band Quivers’ 2019 song “You’re Not Always On My Mind.” Today, Barnett tweeted an acknowledgment of the overlaps.

“I thought I had come up with a beautiful, original idea for a video, but it seems like I was wrong!” Barnett wrote on Twitter. “I’d like to introduce you to Melbourne band Quivers and director, Nina Renee, who had the same idea way before me. Any similarities are completely coincidental and if I had seen this clip when I was making mine I would have completely changed my concept or the way we explored it.”

Below, you can watch both videos and read Barnett’s statement.

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