Conan Gray’s Guide to Curly Hair and 3-Step Skin Care

Conan Gray is letting us in on the secrets behind his skin and hair care in the latest installment of Vogue’s beauty secrets—but his regimen doesn’t start with beauty products. Instead, he centers himself with a couple sips of tea and a crocheted headband. “To say that my sanity lies solely on this piece of fabric would be an understatement,” he muses. “I’ve lost it a couple times and in those times that I’ve not had it, have been the hardest times of my life—and I’ve written albums about it.” 

Gray then starts into skin care, removing a Mighty Patch hydrocolloid sticker from his cheek: “If I ever have a shoot or something come up I’ll always wear one,” he says. The singer-songwriter, whose sophomore album, Superache, is set to release in June, moves into a three-step process consisting of tried-and-true CeraVe formulas: a hydrating cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen. As someone with sensitive, redness-prone, combination skin, Gray says his “skin-care routine is very simple because I think my skin is traumatized after all the things I did to it.”

Moving on to hair care, Gray explains that as a mixed-race person, it took time to discover the right hair products. Being primarily raised by his Japanese mother in Texas added to his confusion. “It is weird cause you never really know where you belong when you’re mixed race.” 

Now, at 23, Gray has found the routine that works best for his curls. “I just don’t know who I would be without having really, really long hair,” he muses. Post-wash, he dries with a towel and works Leonor Greyl’s styling cream through: “All I know is when I use it, my hair is a little bit softer.” To detangle and retain moisture, he opts for a leave-in treatment applied to wet hair. He adds a bit of shaping cream before brushing the front portion back and finger-coiling strands to their natural curl pattern. 

As he gets back to skin care and applies sunscreen, Gray shares a bit of advice from his producer: “You have to take risks if you want good things in your life to happen, and it’s better to feel everything than to just live your whole life feeling nothing at all.” With lip balm, deodorant, and a spritz of YSL Beauty cologne, he’s on his way—his look complete with sunglasses atop his head, carefully placed to help dry his hair perfectly.

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