Come Birthday-Outfit Shopping With Me: 29 Finds I’m Eyeing

Growing up, I used to lament my late-November birthday because it coincided with Thanksgiving break, and therefore, the attention could never fully be on me. (What can I say? My Leo moon tends to jump out around my birthday.) As I get older, though, I’ve actually come to love the timing, and now I use the occasion as an opportunity to kick off the holiday party season.

Style-wise, I think of my birthday as a way to test-drive some of the season’s festive trends before the holidays actually hit. So now that it’s almost time for me to celebrate another year around the sun, I couldn’t be any more excited to shop for my outfit to ring in the big day. 

Whether you want a jumping-off point for party dressing or are simply curious to see what I pulled, keep scrolling for my ultimate birthday-outfit shopping list, and prepare for the loads of sequins and crystals that lie ahead.

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