Coi Leray & Benzino Have A War Of Words On Social Media Following Her Recent Comments About Benzino’s Past Finances

If you’ve been keeping up, Coi Leray and her father Benzino have an extremely troubled relationship to say the least and despite it recently appearing that they had patched things up, a new social media feud proves that is definitely not the case. Following her recent interview where she stated that she and Benzino were on better terms, Coi Leray detailed a totally different situation on Twitter when she slammed him in a series of fiery tweets.

Coi Leray vented her issues with her father Benzino by writing the following on Twitter:

“I hate to bring this s**t to social media but my father need help. Sorry if I offended you on breakfast club but don’t treatment me or my mom because you hate to admit that we went broke after the source. Build a f**king bridge and get over it that’s why I don’t even like mentioning his name . That’s why I never mentioned his name coming into this industry cause he can’t get over his past and don’t even realize how much he damaging when he does this stuff.” 

 Coi continued her rant against Benzino by accusing him of threatening her mother:

“He texting my mom threatening her talking about some watch. Grow up YOU WAS JUST TRYNA GET HER TO DO GROWING UP HIP HOP !! WE DONT WANT THAT LIFE !!!! She’s tryna be here for me and support me while you tryna find every way to beef with me and suck the life out of me I’m tired.”

 She ended her tweets by revealing that Benzino didn’t congratulate her on her album and said she would pray for him. “I’m your only f**king daughter. You worried about being called broke on the day of my debut album. You ain’t even text me congratulations, you so bitter and evil. Ima pray for you.”

However, Benzino also had some things to get off his chest as well and blasted Coi Leray for being disrespectful in a very lengthy series of tweets. “The problem with the social generation is they have no respect or regard for who came before [them] and how they laid the blueprint for them to be successful,” he wrote.

Eventually, Coi deleted her tweets, but it’s clear that she and Benzino are a very long way from having a drama-free and peaceful relationship.


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