Coffee Break: Thermal Heat Cap

I just used the other day, and don’t think I’ve blogged about this relatively new purchase of mine: a thermal heat cap for hair masks! This is the one I got at the recommendation of a friend, but I see that Amazon has a ton of cordless ones — if you have one you like, I’d love to hear about it!

They say that heat can work wonders when you’re doing a hair mask because it opens your hair follicle and helps the product absorb better. I also just like the warm and cozy feeling on my head, especially if I’m between two showers.

Some tips if you’re interested: 1) have a cheap shower cap on hand to collect your wet hair, both so your hair isn’t falling everywhere, and so you don’t get the product on the inside of the cap. (It’s wipeable, but I wouldn’t want to submerge it.) 2) Put a towel on your neck so your dripping wet hair doesn’t get all over the seat where you’re chilling.

I like it and would buy it again. It’s $29 at Amazon, available in 7 colors. (I have this super attractive pattern.) (Kidding.)

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Psst: these are a few of my favorite hair masks — which are yours?

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