Coffee Break: Geo Tiered Necklace Stand

I’m trying to trick myself into good habits with a monthly challenge (examples include no hitting snooze, only drinking 1x a week, only eating dessert 1x a week, no clothes shopping, only doing my nails at home – no going to the salon). I like to get myself a medium sized treat for completing these challenges. Looking for ideas in the approx $50-75 range that might be a nice treat for myself. I figure most of these challenges save me at least that much, if not more, so it’s worth a treat so I don’t feel like I’m depriving myself.

I have a few bigger challenges on the horizon: train 3x a week and run a half marathon (I’ve run them before, but not while following any sort of training plan), read 25 books/year, save 10k this year. For those accomplishments I’d like to threat myself to something bigger int he $100-250 range. Those are all a while away, but would like to start brainstorming so I have something to look forward to.

Some background: I used to be a frugal and fit person and that ALL went out the window during the pandemic (hence these challenges are mostly about being healthier, saving money, and being more disciplined). I’m trying to focus on owning less, but owning better (both quality and things I like better). I’m not interested in ideas like “get a fun coffee and take a walk in the park”, I already get myself flowers every week (life is short, why not), and I already get semi-regular massages for health reasons. I”m single/childfree late 20s living with a roommate in a big city and work a hybrid schedule. I seem to have no problem spending money on stupid things (takeout, lattes, nails, anything under $20 which all adds up), am pretty frugal on other matters (clothes are mostly thrifted or from discount places like Quince, my car is 17 years old), and I’m not good at splurging on nicer things. I would definitely like these splurges to feel “luxurious”. I don’t care about labels/designer, I’m not into handbags (but am looking at a work tote maybe), and I love fun jewelry but don’t buy myself nice jewelry (usually just something fun from Etsy!)

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