Class of KidsPost: Fourth-graders at Breakthrough Montessori

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Sindy Rodriguez’s fourth-graders at Breakthrough Montessori Public Charter School in Washington, D.C., are the April Class of KidsPost. Breakthrough students choose a tree name for their class. Rodriguez’s 15 students, most of whom are posing above with class pet Oreo the bunny, are known as the Locust Tree class.

We plan to feature one class in grades two through seven each month of the school year. If you would like your class to be considered, ask your teacher to download our questionnaire at, have students fill it out and send it, with a class picture, to kidspost@­ Classes chosen receive a KidsPost Chesapeake Bay poster or Journey to Space poster, a KidsPost pencil for each student and a selection of books. Teachers interested in learning more about Kids­Post can sign up for our weekly email newsletter at

Favorite author and favorite book: Rick Riordan is the only author to receive more than one vote from this well-read class. The two students who mentioned him liked the Percy Jackson series. The Harry Potter series also received two votes, tying for favorite book. Other favorite authors included Jeff Kinney, Lincoln Peirce, Kayla Miller and Mo Willems.

Favorite singer or musician: The winner in this category was … no one. Three kids said they had no favorite. Two chose pop band Imagine Dragons. Other musical favorites were “Weird Al” Yankovic, Lizzo and Ariana Grande.

Favorite animal: Bunny hopped to victory in this category, thanks partly to Oreo, the class pet. The bunny received three votes. Cheetah came in second with two “because they’re beautiful,” as one student wrote. Peregrine falcon and orca were among several other wild animal favorites.

Favorite sport (to play) or hobby: Soccer, called football in much of the world, edged out American football, four votes to three. Bike riding came third with two votes.

Place you would you love to visit but haven’t: Hawaii was the top destination for this class. Three students would like to visit the islands. New York was second with two mentions.

Food you could eat every day of your life: It’s pizza every day! Two kids weren’t specific, but a third insisted on Long Island pizza. Other food picks included Ethiopian food, glazed doughnuts and pupusas, a flatbread from El Salvador and Honduras.

Job or profession when you grow up: These students have many creative ideas for careers. They included future video game designer, a baker, a fashion designer, scientist and a tattoo artist.

World problem you would solve: Climate change received the most votes (four) for problem the students want to tackle. Finding a cure for covid-19 came in second with two votes.

Person, living or dead, you admire most: Family received the most votes “because I love them,” as one student wrote. Another student mentioned admiring sisters because of their fashion sense. Jackie Robinson was among the famous people admired. He broke the color barrier in Major League Baseball 75 years ago this month.

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