City Girls Officially BREAK UP!! Split Over Money, Boyfriends & WHO WRITES RAPS!!!

The City Girls, as a group are officially OVER – MTO News has confirmed.


And the breakup between the two lifelong friends, has been coming for many years. MTO News spoke with multiple people close to the ladies, who confirmed that JT and Careesha constantly argued about two things – boyfriends and their careers.

First let’s start off with the boyfriends. MTO News spoke with one of Careesha’s friends who explained the differences between the two girls. The friend explained, “When JT gets a man it’s all about him, she forgets everyone around and puts her all into her man.” “But Careesha doesn’t operate like that, it’s always her people and her girls first, and her n*gg* comes behind them,” the pal explained.

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