City Girls Are Ready to Shine

Fashion has contributed significantly to their larger-than-life image. From “Act Up,” the verse “Big Birkin bag hold five six figures” is all but instantly recognizable, whether it be on TikTok or from someone’s aux cord. Though for all of their Gucci, Chanel, and Saint Laurent plugs, Yung Miami and JT’s respective styles are memorable. They differ significantly from one another, and neither are dripping solely in the logos and names they rap about (no doubt thanks in part to the stylists they’ve worked with of late, including Law Roach and Bryon Javar).

Yung Miami’s aesthetic is very Hollywood bombshell, but she doesn’t always go for the conventional hallmarks of the genre. In the past, she has mixed up the look’s codes with knockout pieces from designers like Laquan Smith, Area, Marcell Von Berlin and Valdrin Sahiti.

JT’s wardrobe is a little funkier, a little edgier. She and her boyfriend, Lil Uzi Vert, have kind of become unofficial Rick Owens ambassadors. JT is often in the avant-garde designer’s platform boots or high-top sneakers. She’s also a Marni fan.

Their clear-cut looks underscore their synergistic quality. They do their own thing, but when combined, they’re that rare pair that naturally makes everyone in the room notice.

And right now, there are a lot of eyes on the City Girls. For one, “Top Notch”–their first official new song since 2020–surprises, swapping out their pop-ified Miami bass mixtape sound with a harder New York drill beat. “We just talking a lot of fun shit, fly shit,” says JT. “It’s hardcore but still giving ‘I’m that girl’ vibes.”

There’s more: Both Yung Miami and JT are executive producers on Issa Rae’s RAP SH*T, the HBO series–as it happens–about two young women from Miami who become rappers. (Filming is finished, and the show is currently in post-production).

They’ve got their debutante Coachella, where they’re putting emphasis on “bringing Miami” to California. The Magic City remains an important influence in terms of what it did for them and how it inspires them. “I still live in Miami. I’m so glad I’m from Miami. I really love our culture,” says Yung Miami. “When people want to party and bullshit, they come to Miami, because that’s our lifestyle and this shit is so fast.” JT echoes the sentiment: “You can move me anywhere in the world, and I’m still a girl from Liberty City. The way I talk, the way I think, the way I move.” To note: Liberty City itself is the home neighborhood of a sizable amount of creative talent, including Trick Daddy, Uncle Luke, and Yung Miami’s godmother, Trina.

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