Celebs Who Wore Vintage On The Red Carpet

In recent years, there has been a concentrated push for celebrities to embrace sustainability on the red carpet, which has led more and more A-listers to wear vintage during premieres and award ceremonies. While this has an eco-friendly benefit, wearing vintage has morphed into something more. It’s a wonderful way to give tribute to time-honored designers, give archival pieces a fresh spotlight, and honor bygone eras full of glitz and glamour. There are some celebrities who have just begun to wear vintage on the red carpet, but have made a name for themselves while doing so. For example, Cardi B has graced the red carpet wearing archival Mugler, and has brought back some of his most iconic designs to the present day. Jennifer Aniston is also well-known for her vintage dresses, often wearing minimalist slips from the 1990s. Then there are the celebrities who have been quietly wearing vintage on the red carpet for years, like Jennifer Lopez, who wore archival pieces to both to the 2003 and 2006 Oscars, and Marisa Tomei who’s donned Old Hollywood dresses to places like the Met Gala and the Academy Awards. Ahead are all the times celebs wore vintage dresses on the red carpet. You won’t be able to help but sigh over the timeless fashions.

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