Food stamps increase 2021: Benefits to get historic boost in October

The 42 million Americans who collect food stamps will receive an average boost of 27% to their benefits beginning on October 1, marking the largest increase in the history of the safety-net program. The permanent increase was announced in August by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which administers the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, … Read more

Merck: Experimental Pill Treats COVID-19 at Earliest Stages

Merck said Friday that its experimental COVID-19 pill is effective against coronavirus, reducing hospitalizations and deaths by 50 percent in people recently infected with the virus. If approved by the Food and Drug Administration under an emergency use authorization, the drug would be the first pill to effectively treat COVID-19 — a potentially major breakthrough … Read more

Merck’s promising experimental Covid-19 drug raises hopes for pill to fight virus

Currently, “very few treatment options [are] available,” said Matthew Hall, a biologist at the National Institutes of Health’s National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences. “Someone can go to an infusion center and be infused with a neutralizing antibody, but [there’s] nothing in a pill form that’s able to just be prescribed to take in early … Read more

Why Monthly Breast Self-Exam Should Start at Age 20

Invasive breast cancer will affect one in eight women in their lifetime, but regular screening can reduce the mortality rate by 30 percent or more. Although mammograms are recommended yearly starting at age 40, Dr. Kelly Harkins, director of breast imaging at St. Vincent’s Medical Center in Bridgeport, recommends that all women begin self-breast examinations … Read more

How Much Are People Drinking?

“The obsession to drink was removed long ago—until this pandemic.” “I’ve been sober since September 25, 2009 and am active in a 12-step recovery program. So the obsession to drink or use was removed long ago—until this pandemic hit. I am juggling a lot: working from home, educating my older daughter, and entertaining a toddler … Read more

Looking To Lose Weight? New Research Shows Diet Drinks Might Not Be the Sweet Spot

A synthetic aftertaste might not be the only side effect of switching to diet soda, especially if you’re trying to lose weight. Drinks that contain the artificial sweetener sucralose may increase food cravings and appetite in woman and people who are obese, according to a new study led by researchers at the Keck School of … Read more

Dental coverage for older and disabled people at stake in budget battle

The mouths of tens of millions of Americans have a stake in the budget reconciliation debate now flaring on Capitol Hill. A Democratic push to add dental, along with hearing and vision, coverage to Medicare for the first time is butting up against industry organizations like the American Dental Association, which argues that limited federal … Read more

England’s MMR vaccine postcode lottery with 40% of children in parts of London missing out on jab

Just six in 10 children have received both MMR vaccines in parts of London, according to official figures that lay bare the huge geographical divide in uptake. NHS data analysed by MailOnline show rates among five-year-olds are as high as 96.4 per cent in County Durham, which leads the way in England. But they dip … Read more

Death in the ICU: Edmonton doctor recounts calling woman to share her mom’s dying moments

It’s a scenario that has played out countless times in intensive care units around the world: a health-care worker shepherding a gravely ill COVID-19 patient through their final moments while family members watch on via a mobile device. “We hear numbers of 20 deaths per day, 30 deaths per day and it gets really … Read more