10 Best Shoulder Exercises for Optimizing Your Shoulder Workout – Born Tough

Round and ripped shoulders are more than just a fundamental component of your physique.  If you want to achieve that coveted V-shape then you must optimize your shoulder workout to maximize the growth of your muscles. The shoulder exercises you should be performing should not only help you with gains but also improve mobility and … Read more

This Plank for Beginners Sesh Makes Fitness Unintimidating

There’s an artistry to many things in life. (Applying glitter makeup, slicing an avocado, curating a fire Netflix queue…) But few things require more diligence and care than the inimitable plank: a workout move known for challenging every last muscle in your core. If you’re brand-new to planking, the first thing you need to know … Read more

The Science of Orange-Colored Fruits and Vegetables

When fall rolls around, the color orange suddenly seems to be dominating our spaces. From the parks with orange and yellow-colored trees to our porches and homes decorated with orange pumpkins and fall decor to even our refrigerators, orange-colored produce is a favorite for fall recipes. 

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6 Major Types of Stretches and How To Try Them

The ins and outs of stretching are some of the most debated topics in fitness—ya know: when to do it, how long to do it, and uh quite simply how to do it—but practically everyone can agree that it’s important to know the different types of stretches. “Stretching offers diverse benefits, including increasing your range … Read more

To Tea Or Not To Tea?

To Tea Or Not To Tea? HealthifyMe Blog HealthifyMe Blog – The definitive guide to weight loss, fitness and living a healthier life. 5 Healthy Teas and Their Magical Benefits For millennia, humans have brewed various types of teas worldwide for their various health benefits — A piping hot cup of tea can do wonders … Read more

Fitness Favorites For Fall & Winter

I’m sharing fitness favorites – from cozy layers and leggings to soft sports bras and beanies – that I’m loving for fall and winter. With fall in full swing and winter not far off, I’ve switched out my summer shorts and breezy tanks in all the bright colors for some of my favorite layers and leggings! … Read more