The 2021 GQ Fitness Awards: The Best Workout Clothes, Gear, Tech, and Accessories

Best Workout Shirts Best Everyday Tee: Ten Thousand Durable shirt You want your gym shirt to look good, of course. And yeah, it’s gotta be up to snuff performance-wise, too. But more than anything, it needs to be able to take a serious beating: getting snagged on machines, stretched every which way, and run through … Read more

Adult enterprise | Eurozine

Sex work today is often advertised digitally, or conducted exclusively online. Over the last 15 years the rise of digital platforms like Adultwork, Vivastreet and OnlyFans has transformed the logistical side of selling sexual services, replacing or supplementing more traditional methods such as word of mouth, picking up clients outdoors or working in brothels. There … Read more

This Week’s Best New Songs: Snail Mail, The War on Drugs, Hatchie, Snarls, and More

Throughout the week, we update our Best New Songs playlist with the new releases that caught our attention the most, be it a single leading up to the release of an album or a newly unveiled deep cut. And each Monday, we round up the best new songs released over the past week (the eligibility period begins … Read more

The Recording Secrets of Nirvana’s Nevermind Revealed by Producer Butch Vig

People figured out that I’d tapped into something in making that record; a lot of labels came calling because they wanted to see if I could bring that magic to whatever artists they had. But I found it sorta annoying in some ways, because people thought I had a formula, that I could take a folk artist or a blues guitarist and make … Read more

The Catholic Culture Podcast: 114 – A Children’s Book About Accepting Your Nature

Sep 20, 2021 Writer Matthew Mehan returns to the show to discuss his new children’s book co-authored with painter John Folley, The Handsome Little Cygnet. This lovely tale about a family of swans in Central Park is a much simpler book than their previous outing, but introduces children to the idea of accepting one’s God-given nature. … Read more

Emmys 2021: The Biggest Fits of the Night

The 2021 Emmy Awards are, surprisingly enough, the second Emmys held under the shadow of the pandemic. But while the 2020 Emmys were something of a trial by fire—Dave Letterman in a truck, the cast of Schitt’s Creek in a tent in Toronto—this year’s go-round feels a touch more normal. There’s a red carpet again, … Read more

The books that help us to embrace middle-age

By contrast, the British author Clover Stroud, herself a Gen-X woman, is wary of this notion that, as we age, we need not be concerned about what others think of us. As she tells BBC Culture over the phone: “I really dislike that poem about wearing purple”. (The poem is Warning by Jenny Joseph, best … Read more

American Viscountess Launches New Crowdfunded Series on British Country Houses, Estates

Fans of An American Aristocrat’s Guide to Great Estates will be thrilled to know that America’s favorite Viscountess is returning for a new country house series. But this time Julie Montagu is producing the show herself, with the crowdfunding support of viewers. Julie is an American who became Viscountess Hinchingbrooke when she married Luke Montagu, … Read more

How Technology Is Reshaping Democracy & Our Lives: A Stanford Course with Sal Khan, Thomas Friedman, Kara Swisher, Sasha Baron Cohen, Reid Hoffman & More

This fall, Stanford Continuing Studies presents 150+ courses in the Liberal Arts & Sciences, Creative Writing, and Professional Development, including the new and timely course “Which Side of History? How Technology Is Reshaping Democracy and Our Lives.” Led by James Steyer (CEO, Common Sense Media), the course includes an extensive line-up of guest speakers and … Read more