Can you use cast iron on a glass cooktop? Yes, carefully.

Do modify the way you cook. If you’re someone who likes to shimmy and shake the pan as you cook, you’re not going to want to do that with cast iron on glass-ceramic. That kind of movement can cause the scratches described above. Instead, focus on moving the food around the pan with a utensil, such as a spoon or spatula. Cast iron’s excellent heat retention also means you may need to account for the less responsive nature of traditional electric cooktops, as they can take longer to heat up and cool down. If a recipe calls for searing or bringing something up to a boil or strong simmer before reducing the heat, you may want to turn it down a little sooner to account for the residual heat, especially if you’re trying to avoid burning or a boil-over. Another option: Switch burners — remember, lift, don’t slide! — so you can immediately put the food on a lower heat without waiting for the original burner to cool.

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