Can We Briefly Discuss Shiv’s Wardrobe on This Season of ‘Succession’?

The HBO series Succession is a font of many things—intrafamilial subterfuge, swearing, inventive new ways to permanently damage the people around you—but the show’s attention to fashion has always been one of its most notable elements, from wannabe cool guy Kendall Roy’s expensive baseball hats to beleaguered lawyer Gerri Kellman’s signature blazers and pearls. Nobody on Succession was more fashionable (or more carefully costumed), though, than the scheming, dissatisfied youngest daughter, Shiv—until this season, at least.

To be fair, Shiv’s style has been consistently evolving. In a 2019 New Yorker article, Rachel Syme wrote of the character’s season-two look: “Turtleneck sweaters and high-waisted slacks have rarely looked so ruthless.” As Syme notes, even then Shiv occasionally looked “more like a recent law-school graduate in a midsize firm than a big shot prepared to take over an empire,” but season three ushered in a new low—or was it a new high for Shiv-related sartorial discourse? Suddenly, Shiv’s suits were cheap looking; her dresses for big, important events were oddly fitted; her entire sartorial sense of self seemed to be hanging by a thread. Ironically, Sarah Snook, the actress playing Shiv, looked better than ever, but her costuming appeared to be fighting her at every turn.

Photo: Courtesy of HBO

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