Burko Drops Highly Anticipated EP “Can’t Stay Here”

The San Diego-based producer, Burko, released this powerful two-track EP on April 22 via There Is A Light Records. The EP opens with the track, “Can’t Stay Here.” The 5-minute song is a progressive masterpiece that is destined to swoon listeners into the night with its rhythmic beats and dreamy female vocals. The track is paired with ”Reflection,” a 7-minute hypnotic dance anthem that welcomes listeners with an ethereal melody before gradually building to a higher-energy sound.

I was sent the vocals to “Can’t Stay Here” and immediately heard the song I would end up producing; I took the song that the vocalist had written and took things in a completely different direction.” – Burko

Burko has tons of exciting things planned for the rest of 2022, so make sure you follow along and don’t miss out.

Listen to the EP Below!

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