BTS’ upcoming ‘Yet To Come’ concert in Busan draws criticism for poor organisation

BTS‘ upcoming Busan concert, ‘Yet To Come’, has been flagged for poor organisation and safety concerns.

The concert, first announced last week on August 24, is set to be held at the Busan Ilgwang Special Stage for free on October 15, in order to support the city’s bid to host the World City Expo in 2030.

According to The Korea Timesthe city of Busan had set up the concert venue over a space formerly occupied by a glass factory by Ilgwang Beach in order to accommodate approximately 100,000 audience members, half of which are expected to be seated while the remaining half will stand to fill up a moshpit.

However, both BTS fans and Busan residents have been criticising the concert’s organisation due to safety concerns regarding the location and set-up of the venue in relation to the number of audience members.

According to a recent notice posted by Big Hit Music on the boyband’s Weverse page, there will only be one gate available for access to the concert venue from the closest subway station, despite only public transportation being permitted to operate around the venue on the day of the concert.

Fans and residents have also pointed out, per The Korea Times, that the location itself is not fit for a large public gathering. The former factory site had remained as an empty lot for years since operations ceased, and does not have the adequate facilities to host large waves of attendees, such as eateries and restrooms.

Other concerns the public have brought up about the concert also include a lack of ticketing numbers or sectioning for those who opted for standing tickets, which may raise the risks of trampling-related injuries and even deaths.

People have also criticised the venue’s “unrealistic” ban on food, considering that the organisers have announced that doors would open at 9am for the concert, which will only begin at 6pm, in order to prevent congestion upon entry.

The Korea Times has also noted that these issues were raised on top of already existing concerns over Busan hotels and accommodation providers charging exorbitant amounts – some by as much as 10 times more than the original price – for non-local concert goers. People have also claimed that hotels and motels have cancelled their reservations only to request they make new bookings with the new, higher prices.

Both fans and residents have called on Busan city to swap the existing concert venue for one that is more accessible and better prepared for the crowd, such as the 60,000-capacity Busan Asiad Main Stadium. However, The Korea Times reported that the city government has maintained its decision to have the concert held at the Busan Ilgwang Special Stage, telling the public that “it is the only place  that allows 100,000 people and [has] a large stage”. Big Hit Music has yet to respond to the backlash.

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