Britney Spears set to pen tell-all book in bombshell $15M deal. : entertainment

Not surprised to see this. She has been saying she wants to talk for a long time. To the person saying that they hope the dollar store will be able to sell copies, I respectfully disagree. People will eat this up. This has been a hot topic for an extremely long time and the fact she now gets to speak about what has happened to her is going to intrigue people. It’s like a car crash you can’t look away from.

I don’t necessarily have an opinion on whether this is good or bad because I believe Britney Spears is still very much struggling with mental health issues just based off of her Instagram posts. Something is “off”. Do I think her family totally effed her over and used her as a cash cow for their benefit? ABSOLUTELY. Do I think she has a right to be mad? YES. But I worry about Britney’s path forward and the people she has around her wanting to use her trauma for their monetary value along with her anger toward her family and wanting to expose them blinding her good decision making.

But this will be a hot book to the general public especially my generation. I have no doubt about that.

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