Brandon Bills Stops Cooperating With Police During Investigation Into Bowling Alley Brawl With DaBaby

Well, it looks like Brandon Bills isn’t on friendly terms with police. Apparently, Brandon has taken a step back from cooperating with law enforcement regarding the infamous bowling alley brawl with DaBaby. As previously reported, the Los Angeles Police Department responded to the viral fight with an investigation. Police determined Brandon to be the alleged victim, while investigating DaBaby for severe charges, such as “assault with a deadly weapon.”

Per law enforcements sources who spoke to TMZ, DaniLeigh’s brother Brandon is letting police handle their own work. Brandon’s lack of cooperation doesn’t mean the case is closed or over. However, police say it’s difficult to push the case forward without the victim’s cooperation. So, for now, it seems to be halted. At this time, it’s unclear why Brandon halted cooperation.


DaBaby And His Crew Fight Brandon Bills At Bowling Alley

In February, DaBaby and members of his crew were seen on footage fighting Brandon in the middle of some bowling lanes. The late night altercation blew up online as photos and videos made their way to social platforms. Multiple angles of the fight seemingly show DaBaby walk up to Brandon and throw the first punch at Corbin Bowl in Topanga, California.

After the punch, Brandon stumbled into the bowling lanes. As Brandon tried to regain his balance, DaBaby and an apparent crew member rushed him, knocking him to the ground. What followed next was a group beatdown–several male crew members alongside DaBaby, kicked and punched Brandon. Another man grabbed the uncle to DaBaby’s infant daughter, and repeatedly slammed him onto the lanes by his hair.

Corbin Bowl later confirmed that DaBaby was the aggressor in the altercation after reviewing their internal security footage. The establishment handed the tapes over to authorities, which led to the investigation, and banned DaBaby from their business.

The Aftermath Of The Bowling Alley Fight 

Following the fight, DaniLeigh defended her brother via Instagram. Then, she temporarily disabled her account.

“Lame as hell!!!! Running up on my brother on some slippery a** floors with 5/6 of ya boys while he’s by himself and not even touching him!!!” Lame and soooo sad,” Dani said. “I pray this stops now!! Bc this is my family! And I got a daughter to raise. Sad.”

The bowling alley beatdown actually traces back to a separate incident between DaBaby and DaniLeigh. Late last year, the parents entered into a heated argument documented through social media videos and pictures. Coming to his sister’s defense, Brandon made several threats targeting DaBaby, such as “come catch this fade,” prior to the February fight.

Following the fight, Brandon Bills responded with a lawsuit against the artist. The court documents stated he was suing for “assault, battery, emotional distress and negligence.” Documents also stated that Brandon didn’t fight back and was left with “physical and psychological damage, plus medical bills and sustained disability.”

It’s unclear what effect his lack of cooperation with police will have on Brandon’s lawsuit. This is a developing story.


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